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Hope For Hillsborough
My fight for JUSTICE has always been to try and get a new inquest into the death of Kevin, as you will be aware the coroner imposed a 3.15pm cut off point at the inquests the reason being that all the 95 at the time would have been dead or brain dead so nothing was heard after that time. I was told just before I went into Kevin's inquest that he had called for his "mum" when he was in the gym at 4.pm. the West Midland Police told me that this could not have happened, Kevin's injuries were to bad and what the police lady heard was body wind.

I was devastated when i heard what they told me about Kevin, he was the worst case of all the 95 ( poor Tony Bland was still ill at this time) I new something was wrong Kevin did not have certain markings that they had said so I started to look into it.  
Over the years I have tracked down everybody that touched Kevin that dreadful day, I found the police lady an off duty policeman from Liverpool who found pules in Kevin at 3.37.pm the carriers who carried kevin across the pitch say he was alive, I then decided to   have Kevin's injuries explained to me, I have spent hours discussing kevin's injuries with some of the highest Forensic Pathologist in the country, it turned out that Kevin's injuries were quite mild he was savable all he needed was oxygen, he did not die from Traumatic asphyxia   and he would not have been dead or brain dead by 3.15pm.

This means Kevin does not relate to the 3.15pm cut off time, I know my son dies in the arms of the police lady at 4.pm that day and i have all the evidence to prove it, either in witness statements visual evidence and forensic reports the latest from Dr Nat Carey who carried out the autopsy's on Hollie and Jessica one of the highest pathologists in the country.

I then decided to take the system on, I want a new inquest on Kevin to put the records straight, I have been round the system three times submitting my memorial to the Attorney General asking for a new inquest into the death of Kevin under section 3 of the coroners act, I have always been refused even though the evidence has always been there.

I know the reason why I cannot get a new inquest into the death of my son Kevin, barristers have always told me that if Kevin gets his inquest it will open the gates for the other 95 because it will run to 4.pm when Kevin died and the truth would come out of what happened between the 3.15pm cut off point and 4pm that day when the police cordoned off 43 ambulances never implemented the major disaster plan, it was lack off care that the 96 died and they don't want that, also there would have to be an inquiry into that time when Hillsborough was at its worst, when the liverpool fans were left to help the dying and injured,which will open a big can of worms.
After going round the system three times every time submitting new evidence and still not being able to beat the system the Human right act came into force Section 2 relates to the evidence which i have on Kevin.

The Right To Life which means Kevin has not had his human right he died in the hands of the state and that means he is entitled to a fair trial to determan how he came to his death, with the 3.15pm cut off time at the inquest Kevin has not had a fare trial also so under section 2 I as Kevin's mum have a right to a full investigation into how my son died.
Article 2 of the European Convention of Human rights, the Human Rights Act 1998, their are 2 grounds which we are submitting evidence, ground one Insufficiency of inquiry and ground two discovery of new facts.

Because i am going through The European Convention of Human Right I have got to go through this country again, in November last year I submitted a new memorial to the Attorney general asking him again for a new inquest into the death of Kevin , in Feb this year he refused me so that means we will take the attorney general for a Judicial Review against his answer, the evidence is there under section 13   of the coroners act and section 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998. In Judicial Review it will be up to the judges to decide   if Kevin can have a new inquest   if they refuse then I can then lodge Kevin's case in Europe.
At the moment my solicitor has written back to the attorney General asking him to review the case again before we go for Judicial Review, When the Attorney   General refused Kevin his inquest he never gave me a reason why just more sympathy, ( Which I do not need).

At Least a Judicial Review will bring a lot of the truth of what really happened at Hillsborough and to Kevin and the other 95 who died with him.
I hope this answers some of your questions? I have tried to write it as brief as possible and to put it in lay terms, I am still learning the legal terms myself, what i have learned is that the legal system in this country does not work.
A lot of the background of where i have been legally and all the new evidence which i have uncovered will be on the new web site which we are working on at the moment.

Kind Regards
Hope For Hillsborough
Anne Williams
Hope For Hillsborough
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The prime objective of Hope for Hillsborough is to persue and exhaust all legal avenues in the hope of obtaining justice.